Monday, November 10, 2014

Maintaining the Pretty: Skincare at 35 (and beyond)

Although, I'm always told I can pass for someone who's straight out of college and still get carded when I order a drink, it doesn't mean my skin isn't aging. When you're in your twenties you can wake up and look almost flawless with ease, but in your thirties those sneaky little signs of aging start to creep in. For me it's been in the form of more noticeable pores on my cheeks and a little bit of *GASP* wrinkling under my eyes. So in order to keep my skin looking as young as possible I've heightened my skincare routine.

In my late teens and twenties my skincare battle was keeping acne at bay (Proactiv was the only thing that did it consistently and didn't wreck my non acne-covered skin), but in my thirties I'm dealing with the double whammy of acne and aging, AGHHHH!

Anywho, one of my goals for myself is to take better care of myself, that means my skin, diet, health (mental & physical), and style. So for my skin I went to Make Up Artist's Choice (MUAC) for my new skincare regimen. I'd bought some of their products in August and really enjoyed them, but I wanted to step up my regimen to minimize the appearance of my pores, but if you don't have that issue then my old regimen should be sufficient.

Old Regimen:
Blemish Buster Cleanser (daily)
Gly-Luronic Acid Serum (daily)
Green Tea & Pomegranate Moisturizer (daily)

New Regimen:
Mandelic Acid Cleanser (daily)
Mandelic/Saliclyic Peel (weekly)
Green Tea & Pomegranate Moisturizer (daily)
Acne Oil Control Gel/Pore Minimizer (daily - when I remember)

If you're looking for good quality products for your skin (no matter your age or skin type) I highly recommend MUAC. You can get 25% using the following affiliate link - 

ETA: I was not compensated for this post, I wholly believe in these products.

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