Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Facebook Made Me Lazy AKA I Deactivated My FB Account & Haven't Gone Crazy

Yesterday I deactivated my Facebook. Anyone who knows me well, knows how MAJOR that is! It is MAJOR, MAJOR! I love social media, I love all things online (except comments sections, NEVER READ THE COMMENTS SECTIONS!!!), but my love for the online world has been inhibiting my ambitions.

There is a buttload, BUTTLOAD I SAY of things I want to accomplish for 2014 and here it is almost half the year is gone and what have I done! What have I done, I ask you??? Well, I've done some things, but not nearly enough on my barometer of success. And one of the things that's been sucking up my time and energy has been FACEBOOK aka THE DEBIL, THE DEBIL, THE DEBIL!

Okay, maybe not the debil, but I've found myself getting drawn into the time suck that is Facebook instead of banging out my 2014 goals. So, I said to myself, Self, get your ass off of Facebook and continue kicking ass in the real world. Then I replied to myself...just kidding, only crazy people REPLY to themselves. Talking to yourself, fine. Replying, one way ticket to crazy town.

Now here's the paradox of Facebook, Facebook is a GREAT marketing tool. How will you market all your kick ass stuff if you're not on Facebook? Well, I've kept my Facebook Pages for my "stuff" and used one of my business accounts to be the administrator while deactivating my personal account. This way I can take advantage of the good parts of Facebook, while not engaging in the Vampire like aspects of it.

Will I miss Facebook? I don't know yet. I think the biggest thing I'll miss about Facebook is being connected to my family and friends through that medium. But the relationships that really matter will be fostered offline...like the OLDEN DAYS of the 80s and 90s. So, although you won't see me on Facebook, you can always e-wave at me here by posting a comment on any post, I read them all!


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