Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bye-bye Email Clutter

So, I've tackled my FB addiction as a way to simplify my life as well as make myself more efficient and so far, so good. I've gained at least an hour a day (more like 4 hours to be honest). So, now I'm in the midst of tackling another virtual mess, my Inbox.

I regularly open my Gmail to a whopping 1000 emails, which makes getting to the important stuff super hard. This is even with Gmail's newest efforts to compartmentalize our e-clutter with the primary tab, the promotions tab, and the social tab, which has helped tremendously, but still not enough. So, last week I went through a good chunk of my emails and UNSUBSCRIBED to all these automatic emails I've been getting that's been cluttering up my inbox. Democratic Committee, see ya in Nov. Change.org, I'll go to you when I want to sign a petition. Ebay alerts, I don't need a weekly reminder about wrap skirts, thank you very much. You get the point. So, although I'm not down to where I want to be, slowly, but surely I'm conquering the e-clutter!

All of this is an attempt at becoming more of a minimalist as a way to make room for the important things in my life. A great resource is 6 Reasons to Embrace Minimalist Living 


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