Tuesday, April 1, 2014

This Mom's Indulgence

As a busy working mom of three, it's rare I get time to myself, but when I do my guilty pleasure and personal indulgence is taking in a movie by myself or with a friend.With all of the choices of things to do with my time, why do I choose to spend those two precious hours in a dark room with strangers?

Movies have the power to transport you anywhere and you can immerse yourself in the main character and be anyone you wish. Exotic locales, swoon worthy leading men, action, drama, laughs, it's all there for the price of a movie ticket.

When my husband and I first started dating we went to the movies every single weekend and that tradition continued until the birth of our first child. Nowdays if we catch a movie it's probably some Disney-esque musical with a talking car, princess, or a group of animals looking to make their way back to the zoo they call home. But when one of the 'rents are doing grandparent duty, we always sneak out to take in dinner and a movie.

What's your indulgence? 

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