Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year, New Look!

Hello 2014 and hello This Mom's Life readers. I decided that a new year deserved a new look. How do you like the new design? This aqua color is one of my favorite colors. This is the second home I've had and I always find a way to come back to this color for my walls in one iteration or another. In my first home the walls were a darker turquoise and in my newest abode it is Sherwin Williams SW6737 Kiwi Paint. So, when I thought about what colors to use in my new blog layout I knew that it was time to go for my favorite go to color. There's something so serene and soothing about this palette, I think because it reminds me of the ocean. Oh well, I hope you like the new look and I can't wait for all the fun that the new year brings!


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