Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday's Musical Motivation - F.U.T.W. Jay Z

"Don't be good my [brother] be great." - F.U.T. W. Jay Z

Too many of us are satisfied with being mediocre and getting by. But mediocrity is the enemy of excellence. Mediocrity sidles up to you like an old familiar friend when all the while it's trying to keep you where you are and not allow you to grow. 

I understand the siren call of mediocrity because it dresses itself up like safety. Oh yeah, why push myself and it not work out when I can keep doing what I'm doing and be alright. Well, who wants to just be alright? Will you tell your children to settle for alright? Because that's what being mediocre is, it's settling.

Don't be happy with settling. You can grow yourself through change. And those changes don't have to be big (at first). Start small. Research that business idea you've been thinking of. Start saving a dollar a day for that trip you want to take. Once you start making small changes and seeing that the rug hasn't been pulled from underneath your feet, you'll be empowered to make bigger changes. And before you know if you've left Mediocre Lane and are pulling into Excellence Drive.

Now, you're saying, but what if I change and my spouse (friend, sister, brother, mother, whoever) doesn't change? What will happen then? Oh, sure some people will resist your change, they'll want you to waddle in mediocrity like they are. Why? Because every time you attempt to be great it's a subtle reminder that they're still stuck in their own mediocre lives. And they get afraid, will you love me if you change, will you leave me if you change, they wonder. Well, that's up to you and them, but here's the silver lining. When you change you will inspire change in others. People that want to love you and be with you will stretch to meet you. It might be a little painful during that stretching period. A little like your first time doing yoga, but the benefits, like yoga, are worth it.

So today I say to you, "Don't be good, be great!"

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