Thursday, January 30, 2014

Minimalist Momma or How to Declutter Your Life with Babykids

Looks Peaceful, Doesn't It. Totally Not My Home!
Okay, I'm not a minimalist momma, but I yearn to be one. I yearn to look on the landscape of my home free of clutter and JUNK! I am slowly suffocating under the weight of all our STUFF! Now, it seems like being a minimalist with children is an oxymoron, they seem to need a million and one things to be happy...or do they?

If I'm honest with myself, my kids only play with a few of their MANY toys and all the DVDs that we have for them, well now we have Netflix. Their books? They like to read the same ones over and over again and if they're done with it, why not sell it at the used book store or on the list of Craig?

I like to think that I don't have an attachment to most STUFF yet my house is continually filling up, why is that?

#1: The hand me down syndrome. 
With three boys I always figure that one of them will "catch" something that the other has out grown, but at the expense of my sanity? No mas! I vow to whittle down the hand me down collection to a manageable few which will then be promptly stored and placed in our storage area and out of our living spaces.

#2: The can I have a toy malaise. 
When we're out the boys get so excited about having this or that toy or something from the Tar-jay $1 aisle (curse you $1 aisle) and I impulsively just throw it in the cart. And all is well and good until I discover no one is playing with said toy and it has just added another minute to my cleaning routine.

#3: The I might need this disorder. 
Well, I might! But probably not, if I haven't worn it or used it in the last three months, what are the chances that I will? I need to carefully edit the things I have and only keep what I absolutely love.

Here's where I'm going for some help on my Clutter Conundrum:


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