Tuesday, November 12, 2013

30 Days of Thanks: Days 1 - 12

I'm making up for lost time so here are 1 - 12:

  1. My wonderful family.
  2. My good health.
  3. Gainful employment.
  4. Good friends.
  5. Kisses & hugs from my favorite little people.
  6. HUMP DAY!
  7. Talking to my mom & sharing our triumphs and troubles.
  8.  Good health for my sons (they had great Dr. Appts that day)!
  9. A group of writer friends to fellowship with.
  10. Baby naps that I can partake in.
  11.  A friend to talk with, watch movies with, and bandy around story ideas with aka LaMishia!
  12. A patient husband when I'm freaking out over small things.


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