Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mommy Tummy and Monitoring Calories with MyNetDiary

My bambino turned 8 mths yesterday, but I'm still battling some "Mommy Tummy".  With my first two my weight came off easy with breastfeeding and being home and active with them for the first nine months of their lives kept the weight off. But, with Baby Z, I had to go back to work after three months and in a sedentary job and a town where I drive more than walk, the "Mommy Tummy" is still here. I'm only five pounds heavier than before I became pregnant, but it seems like all five pounds want to stay in my stomach. 

For that reason, I decided I really needed to make an effort to eat better to counteract my less active lifestyle. Weight gain or loss is simple math, calories in - calories out. So, I was on the hunt for an app to track what I was eating which lead me to the app MyNetDiary (you can use the website instead of the app, too). It's a food diary and it compiles your daily calories, exercise, and  it also makes recommendations based on your food intake, i.e. need to eat more fiber, not enough vitamin C, etc. You program your weight into the app and what your goal weight is (lose, maintain, or gain) and it tells you how many calories per day you should consume. Just by monitoring my recommended daily caloric intake has made me more mindful of what I eat. Although I sometimes exceed my daily caloric intake goals, there are also days when I eat less.

Using this app has helped me to lose two pounds last week and I am now three pounds away from my goal weight. I definitely recommend using this app or something like it to reach your weight loss/maintenance/gain goals. 

I'm not getting paid to say so. I just think it's a really neat app.