Friday, March 15, 2013

This Mom's Week in Review...

Besides this being my first week back to work since I had my bambino (more on that later), I also had a lot of lightbulb moments thanks to other blogs.

Rocking my hair like Nat from The Tiny Closet
Here's the rundown:

I read an inspiring piece on SXSW this week, main takeaway: There are SO many opportunities to be had, but are not available to those who don't reach for them. Life is magical, we just have to harness that magic and allow it to propel us forward.

Thought about how my choices were impacting my goals thanks to this.

Found out more about my newest favorite fashion blogger. LOVE HER HAIR!

After weeping about the imminent demise of Google Reader, found some new options.

And lastly, saw a living room that my living room wants to be when it grows up!

How was your week?

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