Wednesday, March 27, 2013

This Mom's Got a New Beauty Routine (Reviews)

One of the things I said I was going to do to get out of my style rut, was to add to my "beauty routine". I'm using quotes because previously my routine consisted of not forgetting to wash my face at night! Well, this mom's got a new beauty routine and it consists of:

Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleaning gel: This non-foaming, gel cleanser thoroughly removes the day’s make-up, dirt and oil without drying the skin. Papaya and Grapefruit Extracts are exfoliating Alpha Hydroxy Acids that help prevent dulling build-up that can cause blackheads and pimples. 

Mario Badescu AHA & Ceramide Moisturizer: Oil-free, gentle, AHA daily moisturizer is formulated with Lemon Extract and soothing Aloe. Revive and rejuvenate dull, congested skin. Helps reduce sun spots and skin pigmentation conditions. Non-greasy, absorbent and very lightweight.

I specifically chose a moisturizer without SPF because my next step is to use Maybeline's Dream Fresh Beauty Balm (Medium/Deep 130): BB creams combine skincare + makeup in 1 simple step; 8-in-1 Skin Perfector:
• Blurs imperfections
• Brightens
• Evens skin tone
• Smoothes
• Hydrates
• Enhances
• Protects with SPF 30
• 0% oils and heavy ingredients

I'm loving my new beauty routine, the cleansing gel does it's job and doesn't strip my face nor make it feel oily. The moisturizer is perfect and the BB cream does the job well and matches my skintone with no chalky residue (which happened with another BB cream, which shall not be named).

The other day I bought the Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner, but I haven't used it yet to give it a review.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

This Mom is Getting Back in Shape

MY GOAL BODY - Source: viaK. Nicole on Pinterest

I have a new body and it’s not just thanks to my newest bundle of joy. Before I got pregnant I had gained weight. Now, those who know me know that I have always been really slim in high school I barely broke through to one hundred pounds and my previous highest weight was about 115. Then in the spring of 2011 I started to gain weight. I don’t really know if I started eating more or if it was just a result of my metabolism slowing down because I was settling into my 30s. What I do know is that before I got pregnant I had reached about 130 pounds.

Now, I know that 130 pounds is not fat or overweight or anything like that. In fact I wanted to gain weight and get to 135, I have a friend that is that weight and I think her figure is DY-NO-MITE! But, now that I am in the 130s I find myself feeling uncomfortable at this weight or more to the point uncomfortable dressing myself. Not only do I need to buy new clothes, but I find myself getting frustrated when I buy clothes and cannot fit them. So, at this point in the post you’re probably saying, “boo-hoo-hoo, cry me a river”. And if you are I get it, there are other people who have “real” weight issues.

Well, here’s the point of this post. I am getting back into shape and for me that means staying at my current weight of 130 pounds, but toning up my "mommy tummy" and getting my endurance back with some cardio. One of the things that I learned about "mommy tummy" is that most women post-partum have a separation in their abdominal muscles called Diastasis Recti  that can give that dreaded lower pooch look. And what's worse is that traditional abdominal exercises can make it WORSE not better. So for all of the mommies, here's what exercises you SHOULD do.

Friday, March 15, 2013

This Mom's Week in Review...

Besides this being my first week back to work since I had my bambino (more on that later), I also had a lot of lightbulb moments thanks to other blogs.

Rocking my hair like Nat from The Tiny Closet
Here's the rundown:

I read an inspiring piece on SXSW this week, main takeaway: There are SO many opportunities to be had, but are not available to those who don't reach for them. Life is magical, we just have to harness that magic and allow it to propel us forward.

Thought about how my choices were impacting my goals thanks to this.

Found out more about my newest favorite fashion blogger. LOVE HER HAIR!

After weeping about the imminent demise of Google Reader, found some new options.

And lastly, saw a living room that my living room wants to be when it grows up!

How was your week?

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Chambray Day!

I am in love with Chambray! I just bought myself a chambray blouse and I will be designating one day a week as Chambray Dayfor the next two months (maybe three)!  I've even dedicated a Pinterst board to Chambray Day and will be recreating some of the styles on the board for myself.

If you'd like to join Chambray Day, you can link up with me next week with a pic of you rocking your chambray inspired outfit.

Here's my inspiration for my first outfit for Chambray Day:

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

This Mom's Got A Style Rut

Two and a half months ago, I gave birth to my third son and although it was one of the greatest moments in my life, it also has pushed me into a style rut. I’ve been at home on maternity leave since the birth of my son and to save money I also took my eldest out of his half-day kindergarten after care and reduced my three year old’s pre-school days from five to three. So, most of my daily outfits have been items I could throw on to transport my eldest & pre-schooler to school and easy to breastfeed in. Not exactly a style maven do those two qualifications make.
Source: Mayte Doll
Next week, I am returning to work and it’s been almost a year since I've dressed a non-pregnant body. Additionally, before I became pregnant I had gained some weight and most of my pre-pregnancy clothes no longer fit. In order to get myself back up to snuff, I am trying a couple of things.
  1. Choose my clothes on a weekly basis. I am attempting to do this to mainstream the time it takes to get ready as well as have time to THINK about what I’m going to wear, instead of flying by the seat of my pants every morning.
  2. Step out of my comfort zone. I’ll be trying new looks inspired by Style Bloggers to try new outfits and styles.
  3. Wear straight hair more often. I have non-chemically straightened hair, but I’d like to switch it up more often by using heat to straighten it. I straightened it for the first time last month (pic in my about me section).
  4. Wear make up. I am usually a chap stick or lip gloss girl, but I'm thinking about adding a BB Balm, Eyeliner, Mascara, and Lip gloss to my repertoire. 

How Do You Get Out of Your Style Ruts?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New Blog Look & Name

me (2)Hi!

You might have noticed things are looking a little different. Well, I got tired of the old blog look and name and decided to revamp it. I chose to rename the blog, This Mom's Life because this is really what the blog encompasses. These are my experience, my feelings, and things that are working or not working for me and my family. I hope that this mom's life is a fun & engaging read.

I've also renamed the categories to Parenting, Home, Style, and Spirit. Parenting and Home are pretty self explanatory. Style is about my style and a way to show that being a mom doesn't mean neglecting yourself. One new feature in the Style category will be called “Mom Wore What”. Mom Wore What will be a post featuring an outfit or outfits I wore during the week. I think it will be a fun feature as well as a way to push me out of my style rut (more on that later). The Spirit category will focus on my attempt at living by intention. Another change for the blog is that I will be posting more frequently and adding new features. So, I hope you like the new look and will be reading more soon!


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