Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Planner vs Pantster: A Quiz

Are you a planner or a pantster? 

If you don't know the answer to that question, here's a short quiz to help you decide:

1.  Tomorrow your son has gym at school, do you:
  1. Pack his gym uniform in his bag at night
  2. Pack his gym uniform in his bag in the morning
  3. Wonder where his gym uniform is & remember it's in the dirty clothes
2.  It's Saturday, your plans are to:
  1. Take your son to practice & then go apple picking
  2. Go apple picking
  3. Plan to go apple picking, but arrive when the orchard closes
3.  It's Wednesday and you have a busy day of meetings, do you
  1. Pack a lunch at night
  2. Pick up something in the morning to bring for lunch
  3. Hear your stomach rumble at 11:45 and rush out to grab something before your noon meeting

If you picked mostly As, you're a planner.  Your house is probably organized, you always know where your socks are, and you never run out of your children's favorite snacks.

If you picked mostly Bs, you're on the ball most of the time.  Your children go to practice on time and with their uniforms, PB&J is always at the ready, and you usually know what you're having for dinner more than an hour before dinner starts.

If you picked mostly Cs, you're a panster.  Your morning consist of running around the house searching for things, you barely make your own lunch, and at 6:30 you still don't know what you & your family are having for dinner!

Also, if you picked mostly Cs, WELCOME TO MY WORLD!

Now, I know life would be easier, simpler, and less frantic if I was more of a planner.  If I wrote lists and stuck to them, HELL IF I COULD FIND THE LIST!  If I picked out clothes and packed lunches at night before I went to bed. And if I just didn't live by the seat of my pants on most days. Yet, something always stops me from succeeding as a planner.  Most of the time I blame it on fatigue; at the end of the day I'm just too dag on tired to do anything other than sink my butt on the couch and watch one of the many Judge Mathis' I tape everyday.  I just want to curl up next to my husband and not DO anything until it's time to go to bed. 

I know, I know, you planners are arguing that if I was a better planner I might feel less fatigued in the evening and I'd certainly be less rushed in the mornings.  And I know you guys are right, but I just can't get up the gumption to do it.  Once upon a time, I started doing meal planning where I planned out our dinners for an entire week at a time.  I always knew what we were having, there were no rushed after work with the kids grocery shopping, and I'm sure I saved money by ordering out less.  So, what happened, why'd I fall off the wagon? 

I just don't know, but today I vow to all of you to try and be more of a planner, if just for the sheer reason that I am increasing this family by one more person and I'm going to need to have more of my ducks in a row dealing with a baby and my eldest and my husband!

Hi, my name is K. Nicole and I am a pantster, it's been 1 day since I knew what I was having for dinner more than 4 hours out...


  1. Hi my name is Nadia and I too am a pantster. I want to change really I do but I cannot find my list of "things to do to not be a pantster."

  2. LOL, at least you wrote it down on the list!


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