Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Love is a Blessing

Source: Luxe Finds

Often at the end of the night, when the boys are in bed, the dishes are put away, and it's just me & the hubs, I say to him, "we are blessed". And we are. It is a wonderful feeling to have your main priority as your family. Everything we do, we do for each other, and our children.  And in doing so we are able to weed out the things that we could be doing for recognition, greed, or otherwise vainglorious reasons. Our goals are to raise our children to be loved, happy, intelligent, citizens of this world and our goals for each other are to make each other happy the best way we know how.  We may not always get it exactly right, but we’re always attempting to hit the mark. I love my family and I am happy to have their love in return.   

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