Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Three's a Charm: It's a Boy!

Sorry it's been a good two weeks since I've updated, but the life of a pregnant working mom is busy to say the least.  Last week we went for an ultrasound and found out that we are adding another boy to the ranks.  Yes, more testosterone in the Williams Household.  Although, we'd both been hoping for a girl this time around we are still ecstatic and can't wait to see how they all interact with one another.  I've joked that we don't have to buy new toys because we have a plethora of boy toys already.  However, we did donate most of our baby boy clothes, so we will have the pleasure of buying those.  In fact, I already bought his "Coming Home Outfit".  Here's a preview, they say the shoes make the man and if so, my little man is the next Ozwald Boateng!

Bespoke Baby Booties!
See you guys Soon!

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