Wednesday, April 11, 2012

One Bite at a Time: Establishing a Morning Routine/Nighttime Routine Recap

So it's been two and a half weeks since I did my first "bite" from One Bite at a Time: 52 Projects for Making Life Simpler by Tsh Oxenreider. I attempted to establish a nighttime routine and let me say that it was not a complete success nor a complete failure.  The biggest foil to my nighttime routine was actually my children, little bundles of joy that they are, their nighttime routine is the one I should have (re)established before I tried to re-establish my own. 

The positives were that during this time of a revamped routine I did get more me time, which is great!  This is thanks mainly to my husband who has taken over the baby call duty, so after they're in bed and the baby invaribly calls for one of us, he has been the one going to stay up with him.  This has left me with time to read, watch some tv, or surf the net!

Well, now I'm ready to start another bite (I know at this rate I won't be done in a year!) and it is to establish a morning routine.  Here is my current routine:

  • 5:30 am - Alarm Goes Off; I hit Snooze
  • Continuosly hit snooze until 6:00 am!
  • 6:10 am - Get out of bed/Bathroom
  • 6:20 am - Wake up my eldest/Help him get ready
  • 6:30 am - Get dressed
  • 6:40 am - Wake up the baby/Get him ready
  • 7:00 am - Try and leave the house
  • 7:05 am - Forget to do something/do it
  • 7:15 am - Leave the house
  • 7:25 am - Arrive at Pre-School
  • 7:30 am - Leave Pre-School
  • 7:40 am - Arrive at work

I know, I know, it's a mess.  Here are my objectives for the new morning routine; leave the house at 7 am, eat some breakfast or pick up some before work.  Simple, easy (seemingly) objectives!  I'll let you know how it goes next week!

What's Your Current Morning Routine?

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