Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Style: Funked Up Classic

When it comes to my personal style I am a "Funked Up Classics" type of girl.  I like things that are classic, but with an edge to them or a sense of individuality so that you can't just go into a store and see a mannequin wearing what I'm wearing.  Here are some "Funked Up Classic" looks I love!

This is a great way to wear a traditional button down shirt, mixing in an African Wax Print skirt.

The belt & the slit in this skirt elevate this from an ordinary blouse & skirt combo.

This is a white t-shirt at it's flirtiest, a flouncy mini, long blazer, and statement bag raise the bar on a "plain white t".

Cardi, blouse, skirt, and pearls...sounds run of the mill, but not when you add ruffles and you choose faceted beads for your pearls!

Jeans & a T-shirt go to another level when you add dalmation spotted stilleto boots!  The black aviators and the weekend bag also add oomph to the casual ensemble.

What's Your Personal Style?

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