Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How I DIY'd a Maxi Dress in a Morning!

Thanks to Mimi G and Pinterest I've been working myself up to believing that I could make a wearable piece of clothing. 

Mimi G is a wonderful blogger who is an excellent seamstress and makes tons of her own gorgeous clothing.  She has also started posting tutorials on how to make simple pieces for the novice sewer.  Through reading her blog, seeing her wonderful wardrobe, and watching her informative videos I started to feel empowered about creating my own pieces.  One of my favorite pieces of hers was this Maxi Dress and I thought hey, I can make that.  Being cheap, ahem frugal I decided to forgo the pattern and use an item of clothing I already owned as the foundation for creating this dress.  Well that was a bust because I cut the skirt portion to slim, I knew it without even sewing it, so instead I decided to just use the upper portion and make myself a tank top.  (SEE BELOW)

However, I knew I wanted to make maxi dress so I used a t-shirt that fit me well (The Target Mossimo one I posted about before) as my template and made sure to flare the skirt portion appropriately.  Sorry I don't have any pics of the process, but I was so focused on making it before it was time for breakfast.  So, I ended up creating a maxi dress on Saturday morning before breakfast while my husband cooked! TA DA!

To say that I was extremely proud is an understatement, but my pride blosomed even more when I went out and got TONS of compliments and inquiries about my dress.  I was so proud to tell those that asked about it, "I MADE IT!"  And you can, too! 

Here are my sewing resources for the novice sewer:

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