Monday, March 26, 2012

Motherhood Mondays: Trayvon Martin

Sometimes you can’t write the baldest truths. They will not flow from brain through pen. The stay with you to hurt or scent or massage. They are unbelievable and too tangy and substantial to capture. - Danyel Smith

The case of Trayvon Martin has really hit home as the mother of two young black men.  It pains me to know that some will see my sons as "others" to fear or worse harm because of the color of their skin.  My eldest son is smart, the only one in his pre-school class who can read, compassionate, and sensitive, but to some he will always be a threat or a menace because of his race and I can't protect him from that.  My youngest is fiesty, funny, and extremely loving, but will people see that or just see that he is a young black man and want to harm him?  As a mother this hurts too much to articulate well, so I will post some links to others who have done the subject justice.

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  1. You're brave for even writing your initial thoughts on this. I still cannot figure out how Trayvon's parents went on TV and were able to function. They are inspiring. I can't imagine how this would reverberate for you as the mother of two black sons. At least there is the conversation going on nationally, the attention being brought to it. Not that it can comfort the parents or allay your fears, but I am encouraged to see how many people are speaking out about it.

    1. Thanks so much for saying so Rachel! I, too don't think I could function if this happened to one of my sons.


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