Friday, March 9, 2012

Living Authentically

I am currently at a place in my life where I want to live as authentically as possible.  For me this means getting closer to God, listening to my inner voice, inspiring myself and others, and getting off the ENVY TRACK! 

The ENVY TRACK also known as the RAT RACE and KEEPING UP WITH THE JONESES is something that I struggle with, sometimes massively sometimes subtly.  In the past I've had a problem with comparing myself to others.  What they have, where they are in life, what they look like and whenever I do I take myself down an ugly winding road from which no good can come.  Happily, it's been a good while since I've stepped on the ENVY TRACK and in its place I've sought out things that make me feel fulfilled in which I am not comparing myself to others.  I have learned to measure my contentment with my own internal values and not against others.

To that end I've compiled a list of blogs that I read every day in my Google Reader under the heading: INSPIRE_LIFE.  Maybe they can be as uplifting to you as they are to me.

Beautifully Rooted
Beautifully Rooted was created by Heather Hamilton of Life Made Lovely and Rachel Reeves of No.17.  Born out of a true desire to create an inclusive place where each woman could come, be inspired & creatively think, Heather and Rachel set out to make a site that highlights a woman’s uniqueness, in and through Christ.  Heather and Rachel believe that each woman is a beautiful individual and has been created especially for a purpose. Only when we're deeply & beautifully rooted in Christ can we each unlock our journey through Him.  Each day you will find several posts to inspire you in the area of home, parenting, nourishment, faith and beautiful creative inspirations.

Makeunder My Life
Is a place where Jess Constable share's her journey towards the simplified and intentional life. Her goal for the future is to share the MML mission worldwide through web, books, video, you name it! She writes about her journey to design her life, career, business, and thoughts with intention.

Sweet & Sage
Sweet and Sage is a place for kind advice for everyday life attempting to make our lives a little bit easier, whether that’s helping you get out of bed in the morning or stay sane while traveling.

Tiny Twig goes Out on A Limb
Inspiring Women to Create Lives of More Passion and Less Fuss (easy-peasy description).

*I just bought her book The No Brainer Wardrobe because one of the areas I struggle with is clothing. 

Jen Hatmaker
Author of an incredible book 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess, she is just awesome and if I could be/do half of what she is/does I'd be happy (and that's not envy talking, that's straight up ADMIRATION)!  She is an author, speaker, mother, Christ Follower, and she's adopted two children from Ethiopia (one of my fervent wishes - prayerfully, waiting for the hubs to get on board).

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