Saturday, August 13, 2011

As If...

Totally Random, but On Topic – You know how in the movie Clueless that Alicia Silverstone’s character always said, “As if”. Only as an adult did I get that the writer was playing off of the Valley Girl speak of always saying, “Like” and “As If” is a synonym for Like. Very clever.

So this post is about acting as if (or like) I have the qualities I desire in my life. If I act “as if” eventually I will become the person I desire to be. A variation of faking it until you make it, if you will.

So starting today I will act AS IF, I am:

  • Someone who is organized (desk, car, and bedroom look like a hurricane on a daily basis)

  • Someone who is calm when thrown for a loop 

  • Someone who is totally put together (Yes, it would be nice to be able to find my workout gear when I need it, um yeah)

  • Someone with a great weekly excerise routine (it would help to be able to do the above first)

  • Someone who cooks dinner at least 4 times a week instead of going out every night (BAD FOR THE POCKETS)

  • Someone who has EXCELLENT credit (despite the short sale drama I’m going through)

  • Someone who writes everyday (whether that is blogging or writing my novel)

  • Someone who is always prepared (why would’t I anticipate that the baby would decide to spit out all of his apple sauce onto his shirt while we’re in the car going somewhere important!)

So, what's on your AS IF List?

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