Monday, April 11, 2011

Taekwando, Mommy Calling Cards, and Happiness!

Hi folks!

It’s been a while, but I’ve been trying to get my bearings in this new phase of my life. My new work assignment and the travel that goes with it have kept me pretty busy. On the home front things are going well and I think we’re getting accustomed to this new routine of ours.

In awesome family news, my big boy is starting Tae Kwan Do and we’re both UBER EXCITED! His first official class is tonight, but last week he got to view a class so he could get a feel for the rhythm of everything.

When I was signing him up the form asked out of a certain number of things, what were the two that I wanted him to get most out of it. One was better focus/listening skills and the other was for enjoyment. If I could have added a third it would have been for confidence. Now, the big boy is a pretty confident boy as is, but he can be shy in social situations that are new to him. I’m hoping that this activity will give him a bit more confidence as well as introduce him to some new friends. With spring here and summer approaching I can’t wait to make some play dates!

Speaking of play dates, I’m interested in getting some “Mommy Calling Cards”. I had thought about making my own, but there are so many cute ones on Etsy, that I think I’ll end up getting some from there. 

This one is calling my name- from Sara Tams

The baby boy is now sleeping solo in his own bed, so he and his brother are now officially sharing their room.  Let me just say that his transition was a lot easier; I’m thinking it’s because he can see his brother sleeping in his own bed and he’s not in the room alone.  So, I’m very proud of my baby man!

And that's what's been happening here lately!

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