Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fit for a Queen

As I told you last week, I've partnered with some wonderful guys to sell furniture that they buy at storage auctions and I've just listed a lovely Queen Anne sofa.  It would be fine left as is or personalized by reupholstering in some great modern fabric.

Here are the deets - Gorgeous Queen Anne Style sofa upholstered in a Jacquard blue fabric and lovely tufting. Generous length of 7'8" and a height of 2'7". Here's the Craig's List Ad.

A little history- Queen Anne furniture came about at a time when American colonists had more money to spend on furnishings for their homes, which is why so many pieces of furniture were made in this style at the time. This furniture that was crafted in America was made in various places, such as New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. While the style was very close to the versions from England, there is a bit of difference that can allow you to easily distinguish between the English and American versions of this type of furniture.

One of the key designs that was seen in Queen Anne furniture happens to be what is known as the cabriole leg, which would end with a carved webfoot or what was known as a Dutch foot. This leg and foot style would be used on various pieces from this time period, including bed frames, chairs, day beds, tables, desks, lowboys, chests, and more.
Source: http://queenannefurniture.org/

Today Queen Anne furniture, espscially Queen Anne sofas can fit in decor styles from traditional to modern. Here are some awesome Queen Anne Sofa revamps (all from Design*Sponge, I love that site!):

Source: Design*Sponge

Source: Design*Sponge

Source: Design*Sponge

Source: Design*Sponge
Here's the Queen Anne Sofa I have

Personally, if this bad boy were mine I'd go with this fabric and totally put a bird on it!

Source: Hawthorne Threads

If you live in the Washington, DC area or the Shenandoah Valley Area and would like to purchase, you can email me at kn.williams [at] gmail [dot] com.

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