Thursday, March 17, 2011

All Grown Up (on the outside)

My new mid-century sideboard is like me, a grown up on the outside, but all kid on the inside. Do you remember me lamenting my lack of storage and that my house was run amuck with children’s things? Well, I wanted a storage solution that was beautiful and also practical and I found that in a gorgeous mid-century sideboard on Craigslist. The sideboard now stylishly hides my son’s learning materials and art supplies as well as both of our board games.

Here is the grown up side:

And here's the kid at heart:

I am planning on using the right side as an area for barware and to eventually trick out the top with a Furbish tray and some other items.

Furbish Tray I'm currently coveting!
 Right now my gorgeous cross hatch milk glass vases are the only residents for the top.

Well now you know my secret, my grown up credenza, isn't so grown up after all!

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