Friday, February 25, 2011

Glorious Weekend…

It looks like things are coming together for this weekend to be a Cre8tive Boon! My wonderful co-worker is taking me about 30 minutes away to pick up a marvelous mid-century credenza and sewing table/desk. Here’s a sneak peak with the CL photos, but I’ll take better shots once they’re set up in mi casa.

I’m also contemplating this mirror to place over the desk to the left and put a ribbon board on the right. I plan on painting the mirror’s frame; what do you think?

I can’t decide whether to put the credenza in this nook near my dining table (that needs to be replaced) or use it as my entertainment stand for my flat screen. Maybe I’ll do a mock set up both ways and see what floats my boat. I plan to stash the boys games and some toys in one side and use the other side to stash things of mine. I’d REALLY like to get organized BEFORE Spring hits, so that I can spend more time outdoors instead of cleaning and rearranging!

Also as luck would have it my boss’ husband is a carpenter!!! So, I will have my headboard frame cut out as well, here’s a sneak peek at my inspiration.

I don't have my fabric picked out yet, so the upholstering will have to wait until at least the 12th of March, but I am excited none the less.  This is a project that's been in the works for, oh a YEAR! LOL!

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