Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mom Cave? Yes, please...

This is an ingenious idea; HomeGoods has a new movement out for the "Mom Cave".  I've wanted to have a room of my own for a while and now that I will be moving with my two little boys I will indeed need a room for respite.  I plan on creating a "mom cave" out of my bedroom.  My new bedroom will have no television, but MUST have a comfy reading chair along with many bookcases for my NUMEROUS books.  I also need a space to sew and drink some tea!

I'd LOVE something like this in my Mom Cave; I could sprawl out on it, read my books, sip my tea, and RELAX!

Home Goods states that a mom cave should have the following:
  1. A place for you to sit.
  2. Space to organize your stuff.
  3. An area to do things you love.
  4. Room for your girlfriends to visit.

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