Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Make Your Bed(Room)!!! parte uno

Okay, I will be having a series on the evolution of my bedroom which will also be my "mom cave".  Today the movers finally came (I've been in VA since the 8th!) and my new to me bedroom set is here.  It is mid century mod -my fave- and has veneered wood tops.  Disclosure: some of the veneer is peeling so I will need to fix that!  I have been thinking about painting the tops white...sounds crazy I know, but looks gorgy. 

*searching for evidence* and this is why you should save all pics you love/that inspire you to your computer when you see it!

Exhibit A:

YHL's Sherry & John did it for their nursery; they also darkend their stain, but I like the walnut color!



Exhibit B

Design*Sponge's before & afters have a lot of white and wood combos; but this one is my fave!

Okay, so here's my stuff, excuse the bad lighting and pic quality.  I am using my sis' camera phone because I cannot find my upload cord for my camera and of course it fits no other kind but it's own! 

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