Friday, June 4, 2010

Sight Words Summer Prep

Next week is the beginning of our Sight Words Summer, but before we begin we will need to do a little preparation for the upcoming week.  Here is some prep work before we start:
  1. Create Dolch Sight Words flash cards - I will be using 3x5 index cards to create my sight words.  You may use this spreadsheet to download the Sight Words, it is broken down by the week it will be taught in.
  2. Print out the Dolch Sight Word story - This story uses all 220 sight words.  I will be reading this story every week and asking my son which words he recognizes or can read.  
  3. Set up a designated time & space for your lessons - This will signal to your child when it's reading time and create excitement and wonder about the process.
Sunday I will be posting the lesson plan for next week, have a good weekend preparing for READING!

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