Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The No-Cry Separation Anxiety Solution

Elizabeth Pantley, the author of such great parenting books as The No-Cry Sleep Solution, The No-Cry Discipline Solution, The No-Cry Potty Training Solution, and The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers & Preschoolers, has a new book out on Separation Anxiety.  As a mother with a 7 mth. old who has never been in daycare or out of my sight for very long, this is a book I desperately need.  I'll be going back to work soon and it's going to be tough for both of us, my child and I, to leave each other for 9 hours a day.  It hurt just typing that!

According to Pantley's new book, The No-Cry Separation Anxiety Solution:

Separation anxiety is a titanic ordeal for many families and can create a cloud of stress over an otherwise happy family life. I have learned that information, knowledge, and a few new ideas can be a lifesaver for parents and children suffering separation anxiety. These tips can allow you to stay connected, and at the same time support your child’s growing independence.

Separation anxiety seeps into children’s lives for many reasons, and for separations both brief and extended. Infants cry when a parent hands them over to a loving relative. Many babies sit on the floor outside a bathroom door while a desperate Mommy tries to take a very quick shower. Toddlers weep at the daycare center every morning while loving parents attempt to pry them off, while desperately promoting the many wonders that await the reluctant child. There are children crying beside a babysitter as Mommy or Daddy goes off to work, and children adjusting to their parents’ divorce – which means they must always leave someone behind. There are many children suffering through the feelings of missing a parent who is deployed, in the hospital, or away on a business trip. In addition, children must often leave their parent’s behind as they go off, which causes a different kind of separation anxiety: children who must stay alone at the hospital, go away to camp, or stay behind when Mommy goes off to have a new baby. And then there are those nightly battles that occur the world over as parents try to convince anxious children to sleep alone all night, in their very own beds in their very own bedrooms.

This is the book I wish I had from the beginning of my parenting career to use for all the times my four children suffered from separation anxiety, and to help me with my separation anxiety as I dealt with my own feelings of separation with each of my children’s milestones. I am very happy to be able to present many gentle, effective No-Cry separation anxiety solutions to you.

Separation anxiety is normal and unavoidable. Yet, it’s hard to find comfort in that fact when you are faced with the frustration, sadness and helplessness that it creates. This book will provide you with many specific solutions and instructions for helping your child overcome separation anxiety, so that you both can part ways with a good-bye, a happy wave, and a smile. 

For more information on this book or other No Cry Solution books, please visit: The Elizabeth Pantley website.

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