Friday, June 25, 2010

How do you get your kids to embrace summer reading?

Summer is here and school is out (or pre-school) if you’re a mom to a 3 year old like me, but you don’t want the learning to stop just because the weather’s hot.  So, how do you get your kids to embrace summer reading?  Well, if you’ve been reading my blog this month, you’d know that my strategy is to teach my son the pre-primer to first grade Dolch sight words over the summer. 

I’ve tried to make this as fun as possible for my son because he is a very active fun loving boy, so just sitting still and watching a video isn’t going to cut it for him.  He loves games so we have incorporated the flash cards as a game, he receives points for every word he can correctly identify and no matter how many points he gets, the reward is usually the same…CHOCOLATE!  I’ve also used the sight words for Bingo, which is a favorite game of his, mostly because he gets to use the bingo dabber and make a bit of a mess.  To get his creative juices flowing I let him create sentences out of the words he’s learning.  The sentences can be long, short, or silly as long as he uses the word in the right context.  If he’s stuck on a word I tell him the word and ask him what type of picture should we draw to help him remember the word.  He comes up with the greatest ideas, for the word make he said I should draw a picture of a baker with a cake, because bakers make cakes!  It’s a good thing I can draw.

Another fun activity that we’re doing is using the words we’re learning to read stories.  When I read to him, I ask him what words he sees that he knows and he points out the words he’s learned to read so far.  I also read to him and stop at the words that I know he can read so that he can read that portion of the story.  It will be so exciting when he can finally read an entire story all by himself.  As an avid reader and writer, teaching my son to read is a very rewarding experience.  I cannot wait for the day when not only is he reading to me, but when I can pass along to him some of the books that have shaped my life and the way in which I view the world and hopefully they will do the same for him!


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