Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dolch Sight Words Summer Weeks 2 & 3

Hi all sorry for the delay in posting.  I’ve been in a bit of a whirlwind, since I’ve become recently employed and then whisked off to California my first three days on the job.  Even with all the jumble of life, I have been diligently plugging along with the Dolch Sight words. 

We are currently on week 3, but I’d like to do a recap of weeks 1 & 2 before I move on to this week.

Week 1: The week went really well, there were only 4 words he did not already know on sight.  Then there were 3 words he continued to get stuck on, even on day 2.  In order to help him associate the spelling of the word with the word, I drew a picture on the card to help jog his memory.  Those words were and, away, & down.  At the end of the week I created a sight word bingo card using the words from week 1 & week 2 (as a preview).  I was quite surprised that many of week 2’s words he could already identify!  After seeing how he preferred to learn the words I modified week 1’s lesson plan for week 2.

Week 2: I modified week one’s lesson plan and did the following:
  • Monday - Introduction to the sight words of the week.  First we will view the sight words & see if there are any that he can already identify.  For the words he cannot readily identify I say the word and then have him use it in a sentence.   I then him associate the spelling of the words he finds difficult with a picture by drawing directly on that word card. 
  • Tuesday - Spelling the word.  We repeat the steps for Monday, but after that I then show him the words and tell him to spell it to me.  I then proceed to write the word as he spells it in a notebook.  I then show him what I wrote and ask him, “Is this right?”  Then I ask him what word it is.
  • Wednesday - Review.  Show all the sight words for the week.  See which words the child can identify.  Any words that cannot be readily identified, re-do Mon & Tues activity for those words.
  • Thursday - Story time.  Create a story using the words for the week.  Read the story and then have your child try and identify the words they know in the story.
  • Friday - More Review.  Create a sight words bingo card using the current week and the next week’s word.  Play sight word bingo covering all the words.

Week 2 Words: 



Week 3 I plan on using the above lesson plan.  This week’s words were harder to identify for him and on day 1 he could only identify 3 out of the 10 on his own. 

Week 3 Words:


How is your sight words summer going?

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