Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mold, Leaks, & Damage...Oh My!

My home currently looks like a scene out of CSI, with areas cordoned off with plastic and tape.  How did this happen you may ask.  Well, we had noticed some water seepage in our dining room under our carpet and called the water company.  After many missteps they found out that our neighbor was the cause of the leak.  So, I ended up calling our homeowner's insurance company to file a claim because we knew it was causing mold & bmold is a HUGE health hazard.  So, Service Masters came out to contain any mold that may have resulted from the leak. The next day they came out to do demo on the damage, found that our dayum hot water heater had been leaking for some time (we were clueles) and that basically our kitchen was a death trap and could have came crashing down on our heads!  So now our claims adjuster needs to come out and check that out. So we're camped out at my peeps. I thought it would be 2-3 days...now who knows! So needless to say there are no home decor or craft projects currently going on.  But I think next time I swing by the house I'll grab my sewing machine; I'm itching to make a stuffed giraffe for the baby.  Thank God for supportive & cool family. 

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