Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mold, Leaks, & Damage...Oh My!

My home currently looks like a scene out of CSI, with areas cordoned off with plastic and tape.  How did this happen you may ask.  Well, we had noticed some water seepage in our dining room under our carpet and called the water company.  After many missteps they found out that our neighbor was the cause of the leak.  So, I ended up calling our homeowner's insurance company to file a claim because we knew it was causing mold & bmold is a HUGE health hazard.  So, Service Masters came out to contain any mold that may have resulted from the leak. The next day they came out to do demo on the damage, found that our dayum hot water heater had been leaking for some time (we were clueles) and that basically our kitchen was a death trap and could have came crashing down on our heads!  So now our claims adjuster needs to come out and check that out. So we're camped out at my peeps. I thought it would be 2-3 days...now who knows! So needless to say there are no home decor or craft projects currently going on.  But I think next time I swing by the house I'll grab my sewing machine; I'm itching to make a stuffed giraffe for the baby.  Thank God for supportive & cool family. 

Sight Words Summer

Summer is a great time to introduce new concepts to your child or to reinforce concepts learned during the "school" year.  I've decided that this summer would be a great time to reinforce reading concepts we've practiced during the year.  It is a personal goal of mine for my eldest son to be able to read at a "kindergarten level" by age 4 (his birthday is Jan. 23rd). 

I plan on teaching reading through sight words this summer.  Hass already has an understanding of the phonetics of the alphabet.  However, sight words are words that can not always be sounded out, but beginning readers need to readily know.

I plan on teaching him these sight words during June, July, and August, using the Dolch Sight words list.  I will be teaching the pre-K & Kindergarten Dolch sight words and depending on the rate that we go, maybe the 1st grade words as well.  We'll use a combination of word cards & sight word books to learn and enforce these concepts.  Each week I'll post a lesson plan for the week on Sunday, Wednesday I'll post how the lesson is going for us, and Friday will be a review of the lesson and maybe a weekend activity to reinforce the learning for the week.  Each week I will post resources for you to use if you'd like to join me!

I hope that you will follow along with me and maybe even join the program if your child is ready to start reading!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Design Star - Hometown Love

One of the only persons of color on the new Design Star on HGTV is also from my hometown!  From age 12 until I was 22, I lived in Upper Marlboro, MD a suburb in Maryland close to Washington, DC.  Upper Marlboro is in Prince George's County Maryland, affectionately known as PG County.  PG County has the distinction as being the the wealthiest majority African-American county in the country.  I look forward to watching this season & I hope he does P.G. proud!

Alex Sanchez
Age: 26
Hometown: Upper Marlboro, Md.

Interior designer and photographer Alex specializes in contemporary style and small urban spaces.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thursday, May 6, 2010

AT Spring Cure - Weeks 6-8

Okay the AT Spring Cure was a MASSIVE FAILURE for me.  I have done almost nothing because at home I can't stick to a schedule to save my life.  But for all of you who have been following along, I'll post what I haven't done for weeks 6 - 8.  I'm not beating myself up too bad because I have accomplished some things, just not in the manner or timeframe that I would have liked.

Week 6: Light Therapy
With week 6 you're rounding third base and heading for home. This is the week to dig deep, catch up and then plan to bring everything in for a landing in the two weeks after. If you've taken on too much, this is your chance to recalibrate and down shift a little bit. If your momentum is good and you're right on track, this is your chance to push hard and deepen your Cure.

Great lighting showcases all of your hard work and transforms a drab space to a real thing of beauty. It can be difficult to break out of the typical lighting mold of a single harsh overhead light with a sidekick lamp near by. This set up rarely works out.

*I did get a new lamp for the living room, YAY! 

Week 7: Sacred Space
What is sexy in the bedroom? This is the perfect question for this week, and one I thought I'd dive into, diverging from my regular path, because this is my favorite chapter and my favorite room. In recommending colors for the bedroom, I usually recommend cooler colors because they promote rest. But I always get the question, what about sex? Shouldn't the bedroom promote sex as well?

*TMI Alert:

How To Make Your Bedroom Sexy

Clean It Up - Before we get to color, let me get some obvious things out of the way. Sexy bedrooms are:
1. clean
2. free of clutter
3. free of home offices or anything that's reminiscent of a chore

You already know that this is what the Cure is all about, so you've got that covered.

Light It Softly - In addition, sexy bedrooms are well lit. We talked about this in the previous week, and what you need is at least three points of light for regular use. They should definitely be table lamps, floor lamps or sconces that throw indirect light into the room, so that the light is SOFT and not harsh.

In the bedroom, shadows are good.

Good, too, are dimmers and - definitely - a candle at bedside for when really low light is desired (a scented candle? I say it's not necessary and can turn some guests off, but if you do it, go natural and keep it mild).

Yes Mirror! - I don't care what people say, it may be bad for feng shui, but it's definitely good for sex.

Better Bedding - Nice bedding, meaning comfortable bedding that expresses the fact that you are CONSCIOUS of your body and like to take care of it is GOOD. Does this mean bedding that costs more? Generally speaking, yes. Sheets and pillows are the most tactile experience you have in bed (beside bodies) and the very smallest touch of a nice fabric speaks volumes and can create an unexpectedly strong feeling of comfort. Whether you like shiny sateen or raw linen doesn't matter. That's your style. Just make sure that it's real - not synthetic - and better than your guest might expect.

Sexy Colors are Not Necessarily All Red - While warm colors (reds, oranges, yellows) are undeniably stimulating and, for this very reason, red has been closely linked with sex for eons, they are NOT great for sleeping or for making you feel relaxed. If the only goal of your bedroom is to stimulate folks, by all means employ lots of these colors, but if your goal is to be relaxing and ALSO to feel sexy, then I recommend a cooler approach.

I think the art of attracting another person is all about expressing one's comfort with oneself and having style in doing it. A comfortable, cozy lair is a sexy retreat, whereas a bedroom that is too awake and too colorful can be a turn-off.

It's working too hard.

For this reason, I recommend creating a bedroom that you really want to come home to (alone for starters), that employs restful colors on the cooler side of the spectrum (greens, blues, lavenders, greys, browns, neutrals - white is also cool) and then spicing it up with a few hot pillows or artwork for effect.

A bedroom should be a very personal, private space, and it should stand in contrast to the brighter, warmer other rooms in your home. It's a retreat from the rest of the home, and that's sexy.

What does yours look like?

Week 8: Throwing a Party -

A Mother Is...

A Mother is…

An open heart

Soft words

The bearer of kisses

Life giver

Helping hands

A source of strength

Love immeasurable

Tickler of tummies

Comforting words

Hugs on time

Boo-boo kisser

#1 Listener

A mother is me.

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