Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Slacker Alert!!!

OMG, I have been so swamped with school work that I've totally slacked on both this blog and the Spring Cure!  So, here's what I missed (I hope I can catch up!):

Week 3:  The Landing Strip - In the Deep Treatment you are going think about COLOR and focus on the hallway, an area that is too easily overlooked and extremely important for the health of your home. Building a Landing Strip will help you filter the outside word, keeping your home calm and cutting down on your junk mail will give you back years of life. Enjoy putting together an invitation for week 8's gathering!

Dream Landings:

My Actual Landing:

Week 4:  Retail Therapy - Don't be afraid to buy only what YOU like; YOU have to live with it! 

Retail Tips:
  1. If the price is too low, watch out!  You usually get what you pay for.
  2. Don't but everything from one store.
  3. Keep your intake of cheaper chipboard and veneer furniture to a minimum (not more than 30%).
  4. Kick the tires - make sure an item is well made before you buy it.
  5. Look for furniture staples in these stores and decorative items elsewhere.
Week 4 To Do List:
  • Clean up living room & related closets
  • Repairs
  • Declutter all books & media
  • Empty out box

Week 5:  Into the Thick of It - In the Deep Treatment, among other things you are diving into the home office and tackling all the computer and electrical tangles that you may have. You are also considering a Media Fast, which is a rather radical part of our household cleaning binge. 

As for wireless technology, this simply offers a tremendous design advantage that eliminates wires and clutter for those who work at home on laptops, which is also now easy and inexpensive to set up. AT's Unplggd site was started specifically to aid in this area.