Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Cure Week 1: Creating Your Vision

This week, the goal for us all is to assess our homes and come up with our new "vision" for how we want our homes to feel when we're done in 8 weeks. Here's mine:

Currently I am awash in clutter, I mean it's so easy to be with a rambunctious three year old little boy and a new baby in the house. This means that there are toys in every crevice of the house as well as baby ephemera in every cubby, hole, and flat surface that we have.

What I want is ORDER or as much order as you can have with the aforementioned munchkins in the home. In order to have this what I need are organizational pieces of furniture and a system to keep things in said furniture. I also need to PURGE the house of unneeded and unwanted items, to make room for the things that we do want and need. As for furniture I would like to find a nice small desk for my sewing machine, laptop, and writing materials; a dresser or sideboard type piece for the entry way to stash light spring jackets, umbrellas, and fall/winter gear, as well as a place to put keys, cellphones, and mail; along with that I need some type of "thing" to hold toys and baby items in the living room, that conceals while it holds.

Here are some inspiring homes (with children!):



ETA: Sources for Each Room


  1. Thoat are so beautiful--where are they from?

    1. This was pre-Pinterest, so I had to search, LOL!

      Thank God for Google Image Search!


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