Monday, March 8, 2010

Motherhood Mondays: Hello Sunshine

I am delighted that the sun has finally decided to show its face to the lovely Washington, DC area. I was beginning to think the snow from snowpocalypse would never melt and the sun would never shine.

To celebrate the sun, the boys and I had an impromptu picnic in our neighborhood park. The past week Hass had been playing pretend picnic with my husband in the living room, using our anniversary picnic basket and alphabet magnets for food. Yesterday around lunch time, I started making lunch and put everything in plastic bags. Then I told Hass that, “Mommy needed some help”, a surefire way to get him to drop whatever he's doing. Then I told him that I needed his help putting our lunch in the picnic basket. His eyes lit up as he asked me were we going on a REAL picnic. I told him that indeed we were and we loaded up the stroller with the basket and our picnic blanket.

While at the park we basked in the sun, N had tummy time on the blanket, Hass & I ate PB&Js, goldfish crackers, and grapes, drank water and iced tea, went on a rock treasure hunt, and ran in the grass. It was everything a spring day should be and I can’t wait for more to come. Later on my mother came by and picked me up to go to the National Harbor. We continued the great spring day and had a great time going to the Peeps store, people watching, and having a fabulous dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Rosa Mexicano.

Three cheers for moms & warmer weather!

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  1. Awww, what a sweet way to spend that beautiful spring day! How cute that Hass' eyes lit up when he found out you were actually going on a "real" picnic - awwww! I can just picture it. :-)

    I'm so glad that the weather is warming up!


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