Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Crafting

I can't believe it's been almost six months since I've last posted here, which also means it's been about that long since I've crafted. The main reason for that is I've been busy making a human! You can see my little Buddha Baby over at my other blog, The Baby Head Diaries, but I've been missing this blog and my creative endeavors. I really wish I could have made more for the Holiday season, but I have had my hands full finishing up this fall semester (3.5 GPA!!!), birthing a baby, working, raising a toddler, and being a wife.

Well, the holidays aren't over yet and I do have some plans to make some things. I will be making some throw pillows for my grandmother & grandmother-in-law, and a friend. I also plan on making some fabric coasters for myself and this friend, too. Because of the newborn in the house I'm going to have to schedule my sewing around naps and/or at night after everyone is asleep. Hopefully, next year I will be able to make all the things I wanted to make this year!

What I want to make next year:

advent calendar

Christmas Stockings

Day to Day

Felt Tree Skirt

Isabella & Max Rooms

Ornament Wreath

sweet jessie

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