Thursday, September 17, 2009

AP Thursdays: Feeding with Love and Respect

According to API, Feeding with Love and Respect is a way to show love to your child. Some people think that this is a principle only for babies and is about breastfeeding, but this principle is especially important for older children, too. I've always felt the bond between food and love and envied my peers who had mothers that would regularly cook meals for them, by the time I was a pre-teen my family's jobs took so much of their time that meals were often quick and dirty affairs where we ate in our own rooms or in front of the television. Food offers an opportunity to connect with your children through family meals served at the dinner table, it's a time to see what is on your child's mind and what kind of day that they've had. Meal times are also a time to model healthy eating habits for your toddlers and older children, by encouraging your child to follow their internal cues for hunger and thirst, and to eat when hungry and stop when full.

Personally, my son was a bit resistant to certain foods, but I discovered a fun and sneaky way to get him to eat things he wouldn't normally. Instead of eating a piece of chicken, a scoop of mashed potatoes, and a forkful of brocolli, we make COMBOS! A combo is all of those things on one fork or spoon and he LOVES to eat this way. He always says, "Mom we're eating combos!" I even got him to eat grits for breakfast this way. Grits to him were a foreign yucky substance, but not when you have turkey bacon and egg with it on the fork, suddenly it's a BREAKFAST COMBO! LOL!

See he's none the wiser!

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