Thursday, September 3, 2009

AP Thursdays: Attachment Parenting is Not...

* picture is of Hass, myself, and hubby April 2008.

I am a huge fan of PhD in Parenting's blog, she's also an attachment parent and speaks so eloquently and knowledgeably about Attachment Parenting. I've included her as a blog link on my sidebar, but I could have easily put her under resources as well. She has a wonderful post on what Attachment Parenting is NOT, that I will refer you to later.

I was thinking the other day about the reasons why some parents choose to not attachment parent their child and I think they do it more for reasons that are based in what AP is not, rather than what it is. I say this because I just cannot fathom why any reasonable and loving parent would reject any of the 8 Principles of Attachment Parenting, so I believe that the misconceptions of AP overshadow the principles at times. Here is my list of what AP is NOT.

Attachment Parenting is Not:
  • Using elimination communication and never wearing diapers. Although some AP parents practice this, it's not an AP principle.

  • Homeschooling or Unschooling your children, though some parents feel that their children will learn better in this environment.

  • Totally crunchy, i.e. organic foods, making your own baby food.

  • Against circumcision. My son is circumcised and more than likely his brother will be as well. It is a personal and/or religious choice to choose to circumcise, but if you are on the fence here's some info. from Dr. Sears.

  • For more on what AP is Not, read PhD in Parenting's List
Attachment Parenting IS:

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  1. Awesome, awesome, awesome post. So funny, I was thinking the other day about doing a little mini-educational post about what AP is.... and look here, no need to, cuz you've already done it! I loved this.

    Like yourself, I often think to myself... why wouldn't a parent choose to raise their children with this style? The principles of AP are so great, and only promote enveloping your child with love, a sense of security/safety, and being as emotionally and physically available as you can possibly be. My belief is that those who reject the notion may not really understand what AP is fully about. *shrug* In any even, fantastic post and THANKS for this!!! :-)


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