Friday, August 7, 2009

What to Wear While Breastfeeding?

Sorry for my tardiness, this should have been up yesterday!

I am currently in my seventh month of pregnancy and lately I've been thinking what will I wear as a breastfeeding mama? The first time around I had a couple of nursing bras (5) and a few nursing tanks, and one pair of nursing pajamas. That was sufficient for the time because I was mainly in the house and I wasn't breastfeeding exclusively (more on that Monday). However, this time around I plan on breastfeeding exclusively and although I will be home a lot, I don't want to look like the frazzled housewife from heck all the time either.

So, I've been perusing some breastfeeding mama stores online and unfortunately I feel like a lot of items while nice are too expensive. I've found that TARGET has gorgeous maternity bras and tanks from their Gillian & O'Malley line that won't run you an arm and a leg like some other stores (average price at Target $14.00). Motherwear is also having a sale in honor of Breastfeeding Awareness Month and I've seen some great steals!

As for outerwear for this time of your life, I've found that most maternity tops are sufficient for breastfeeding as lots of them have deep v-necks or wrap type tops. Then you can supplement those with blouses that button or cardigans and of course the fabulous, must have for every woman...the wrap dress.

So, don't let not having anything to wear be an excuse not to breastfeed there are many great affordable options.

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