Monday, August 31, 2009

Motherhood Monday: Back to School

Today was the first official day of my son's pre-K 3 class. Last week they had a transition week to get them used to the set up and rules for pre-K. I am so proud of him, he's currently only 2.5, but they believed that he was ready academically and socially to move to the pre-K 3 class. To get ready for this momentous occasion, he got to pick out a new book bag yesterday. His choice a Diego "rescue pack" that can also roll. This morning instead of mommy carrying him almost to the front door, he proudly walked backpack in hand the 10 ft. from our parking spot to the school's front door. He ran excitedly in and gave Mr. Mike a big high five and bounded to his classroom. Today was breezy and a little cool, so he had on his jacket which he took off and handed to me to put in his new tall cubby, along with his backpack. Then he sat on the alphabet carpet and said goodbye mommy, goodbye daddy. No tears, no protests, no fussing, just pure joy and happiness for his first day of school.

I am so happy to see my little baby growing into a confident and happy little boy right in front of my eyes. And I'm also thankful I'm about to have a new baby to do all of the baby things with all over again. Being a mother is a blessing and a joy, I thank God every night for the family that He has given to me and the awesome responsibility He has entrusted me with. Moms, don't ever forget how blessed you are!

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  1. WOW!! He's so grown up!! I can't believe it! (I type this as I hang my head in shame over the fact that I've seen him, what, twice?)


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