Thursday, August 6, 2009

Back to School Goodies!

It's almost back to school time and I am so excited! Everyone in the family except the new baby will be going back to school pretty soon. I am currently in school for my M.S.M (Non-Profit/Association Mgmt.) and I just ordered my textbooks and I can't wait to crack them open! The big boy goes to a wonderful pre-school that uses the Funshine Express curriculum and although we'll both miss all the field trips that he's been on this summer with the summer program, we can't wait to get back to homework time!

Homework time will be even more fun this year because I've found these great colored pencils (big pencils for tiny hands) from Stubby Pencil Studio; in fact, I'd like some of their eco-friendly colored pencils myself! Hass usually puts a lot of pressure on his crayons, which ends up in broken crayons and little tears. I don't forsee that problem with these!

I'm also in the market for some identifying tags and labels for the big boys supplies and clothing that we take to school. So, browsing one of my favorite blogs, Design Mom, I find Mabel's Labels and yell EUREKA (I don't reccomend you doing this at your office...LOL!).

They have a great back to school label pack ($39!!! ), that is going to make one thing in my life, much easier! It's only available until Sept. 25th and then you have to buy the items seperately, so don't wait too long!

I've always loved back to school time myself and seeing the sales papers on Sundays had me reminiscing about my Lisa Frank folders and notebooks with their fabulously bright colors and dreamy desgins. But now that I'm grown up where do I look for MY back to school supplies? Well, I've done well with MomAgenda in the past and it really helped for the early years with Hass. Ingeniously, the year begins with August and goes to December of the next year! My last one was Fuschia, I'm wondering if I should switch it up and go for True-Purple?

Anything else I need I'm sure I could find on See Jane Work. I'm sure these page markers will make research more fun! Also, if you've been reading, you'd know how I am hankering to create the perfect home office and I know that these brocade desk accessories would be perfect for it!

The DH is pretty bare bones when it comes to school supplies, but I think I might surprise him with a nice notebook that is all his own, so that he won't have to borrow looseleaf from my stash or write in one of my old notebooks for his notes. This one is graphic and not girly at all.

*This entire post is totally my own opinion and was not sponsored or paid for in any way by these companies.*

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  1. Aaah, i used to love back to school shopping back when i was a kid. Omg, me and my sister would get sooo excited... picking out our new trapper keeper, lunch box, box of crayons, glue, pencils, etc etc. I looked forward to that at the end of each summer. Good times! :-)


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