Monday, June 8, 2009

Woo-Hoo Baby #2!


Lots has happened since my last baby shower post, for instance Hassan is now 2 and a half! Being a mommy took a back seat to writing about being a mommy, but I'm back now because WOO-HOO we're having baby #2. Hopefully, I can keep this blog going and update you all on Hassan as well as write about the new baby as well.

Here's a recap of what's been going on:

March 25, 2009

My first doctor's appt. is next Monday. I am a little nervous that I think I'm nearing the end of my first trimester and this will be my first doctor's visit. Luckily, I haven't had any liquor at all during this time and the most I'm worried about is my folic acid (I took a vitamin sporadically before I found out) and the fact that I had a bad cold and used Nyquil for like 3 days. But I am very excited to see where I am in this pregnancy and to get a sonogram. I do have a baby bump now and although it is not really noticeable in clothes I can tell with how my clothes fit. I am excited for new maternity clothes, I gave all my old ones away, plus they were mostly fall/winter clothes and I'll be needing spring/summer stuff for the most part. I am looking into getting some things from H&M and American Apparel. I will be having another shower to celebrate this baby's birth and I am so excited that it will be in WARM weather. So, my bff was saying she would like to throw it in my parent's backyard and that will be fabulous, it's spacious and gorgeous. Plus, they're buying a new cabana for the back, too! The theme will be a "book" shower, so I think she's asking everyone to bring their favorite children's book. We all know I'm hoping for a girl, so I'm trying to find some good middle name options for Nia.

March 30, 2009

Oh my! My doctor's appt is in an hour. I'm nervous and excited. This is such a different experience, with Hass DH went to EVERY appointment with me. I picked a new doc close to my job so I hope we click. I also hope they give me a sonogram today. I can't wait to hear my due date. I have so much nervous energy!

I is back!So uneventful, except I heard little Nia's heartbeat! They're thinking I'm 13-14 wks. which would give me a due date of Sept 22. I'm hoping it's at least first or second week in October. I got my blood work done, but I need to call for an ultrasound. I will try to see if they have one avail. after I get off of work or tmw. during my lunch break. I was really hoping I could see her today. sad.gif I told my boss today I was pregnant, that went well. He's super cool. I will be delivering at a diff. hospital than with Hass, but it's good it's George Washington Univ. Hosp. so that's cool.

I would like to have her after MY birthday which is Oct. 6! I know that's selfish, but it's true! I just know I want some cake and someone being excited over me turning 30 and if I have her my 30th birthday is going to be about me nursing and bathing and sleeping.

May 5, 2009

DH is on the hook for the middle name so it's up in the air now. Back up name if it's a boy is Naim (Ny-eem)or Nasim (Nah-seem). RANDOM STUFF: OMG, this baby won't let me eat anything with sugar in it or maybe it's the High Fructose Corn Syrup in stuff. Even stuff that you normally don't think of as sweet I can taste the sugar in (mainly processed stuff). So she's helping me or FORCING ME to eat healthier and fresher than I normally would. I also feel like because of this and the psycho morning sickness that I weigh less right now in my preg. than I did with Hass man. Too bad I actually didn't keep a diary or journal of my weight at diff. times in my preg. maybe I should start doing that now. Speaking of journaling, I feel bad to say that I don't have a lot in Hass baby book, now I can go back on a non-busy Saturday and fill it in, but I wasn't good at recording stuff. I do have a million pics from day 1 until now, but not a written record of a lot of things. I say to myself I was too busy living the life with him to record it, but I wish I was better at recording it. I hope to do better this time, although it's usu. the 2nd child's baby book that gets the SHAFT! laugh.gif

June 4, 2009

Working on an inspiration board. The baby will probably be sleeping at night in our room, but I think we'll do naps in the crib. So the nursery will be a shared space, so the colors are going to be pretty neutral/work with Hass' bedding. Here's what I have so far: The crib will be a Jenny Lind crib that I will paint green. The materials I will be using is the orange dot with the flower mix pattern on the reverse (flowers for girl) I will also have a custom made elephant for her, that's why that's there. I'm thinking of doing a paint treatment like the bottom pic, with green at the bottom and an orange stripe.

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