Friday, June 19, 2009

Ode to the Daddy Man

Ode to the Daddy Man

You change the poop more than me
One day you'll teach him to stand and pee.
And when I don't feel my best
You play with him so I can rest.

Most of the time, you let me lead
And listen to the articles that I read.
You share the bed with all of us
Although when he kicks, you sometimes fuss.

Trips to the park and barbershop
Laughing and playing until you drop.
Kissing his face and alieving his fears
Hugging him close and wiping his tears.

Rubbing my tummy full of child
Willing to go that extra mile.
Making use laugh with a silly dance
Being the hero and killing the ants.

You are the man he wants to be
And I'm so glad you're married to me!

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