Thursday, June 11, 2009

Morning and Night

My favorite parts of the day are the morning and right before we go to sleep at night. Every night I ask Hass "How was your day?" and listen to him talk about all the things he did or thought about during the day. Invariably he tells me, "I missed you mommy." and I reply, "I missed you too." Then I tell him about my day and my favorite parts and what fun I had with him when we got home.

I ask him, "What are you going to dream about?" And he tells me a list of things, usually about animals, the circus, the zoo, mommy, daddy, and now the new baby. Then I tell him what I'm going to dream about and then I say, "Goodnight, sweetheart." and he says, "Goodnight, sweetiepie."

The morning is when I wake him up by kissing him on his cheeks or tickling his long narrow feet. He smiles and puts his arm around my neck, our morning hug. Then I ask him what did he dream about and he tells me. Yesterday it was about the new baby, but this morning he said he had a bad dream so he was a little cranky.

I sing him his favorite morning song..."Get your butt up, get your butt up, in the morning, in the morning, get your butt out of bed!" he laughs and we wait for daddy to come upstairs and bring Hass his clothes for the day. He tells daddy he missed him and hugs him tight. I go into the bathroom and start my routine. Then I hear the pitter-patter of little toddler feet, he's followed me into the bathroom and wants to get ready, too.

I love the morning and the night.

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