Monday, June 1, 2009

Make me over...

What I Want to Look Like!
Even Halle's casual look is sexy and cute!

I don't talk about fashion much here, but I've been a fashion buff for a while. My style has changed over the years, I was more risque at ages 19-22 for example and now I like quirky classics. For the past two years I have announced that I was going to only buy things that I thought I looked fabulous in, not okay, not covered, not dressed, but FABULOUS! This usually works for about a month or two and then I go back to buying clothes on a whim or because I need something different to wear no matter what it looks like. So I have LOTS of clothes, but I end up wearing about half of them. So about once a year I decide to purge and make my vow of only FABULOUS clothing. Well, right now I am pregnant so I will be buying things that are tossable for sure and I DO NOT like spending a lot of money on maternity clothes, but I am VOWING that when I start buying for the fall/winter of 2009 I will only buy things that not only look fabulous, but are QUALITY! So this means cashmere sweaters (in quirky colors and patterns please), designer jeans (gotta love Seven's), and basically really getting my money's worth. So instead of five $20 sweaters from H&M I will get myself one for $100. I want to look like the cool sophisticated mommy, not the one that can't get it together!

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