Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Big Brother Chronicles

Last night he was telling me all the things he was going to teach the baby:
  • hold a bottle
  • not cry
  • not whine
  • run
  • walk
  • manners

He wants it to be a girl, too with no prompting from us, so I really hope it is. I told him I will be getting him a shirt that says, I'm a Big Brother on it and he can wear it to school when the baby is here.

He likes to play this game where he says, "There's a baby in your tummy." and I say "Yup." Then he goes is it here (and points to some place silly like my forehead), here (points to arm), here (points to neck), etc. then he cracks up laughing and says, No, in here!" and points at my stomach!

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