Monday, June 8, 2009

About Hassan - The Birth Story

I had a really good birth experience.

As some of you know I start feeling contractions at 10 the night before, they were really light so I finished up some work I had to do and then tried to get some sleep. At 5 in the morning, I got a contraction that was BIG so I woke up Sharief and was like I'm having contractions. Since he didn't know I was having them all night, he was like are you sure, I'm like yes! So, I say well first I want to do some things because I know that at my hospital once you're there you're there and you're on monitors and can't move around or eat or anything. So, I printed out my phone list, got on the board, ate some breakfast, got on my birthing ball and did some other stuff. So we ended up leaving the house at 8am.

When we get to the hospital after I'm signed in and everything they take me to the Triage unit to make sure I'm in labor, I am at 3 cm. dialated so they get a L&D room ready for me. I go into L&D and I'm in labor for a good while doing it all natural like I planned when BAM I got the mother of all contractions. I was like I don't know if I can do this w/o anything, so I let about 10 of those huge ones hit me and they're coming fast, then I'm like nope I want an epi. before it's too late. After the epidural I'm a little numb, but I can still feel contractions and though they're not as bad they're doozies and my back is starting to hurt on one side, so I tell the dr. and they tell me to press the button for more, I do it about 3 times in 2 hrs. to no avail. So the dr. comes in and gives me another dose, this time it takes...BIG TIME!

So, I am completely numb and things are going well until the nurse and dr. comes in and says the baby's heartbeat dropped and I might have to have a c-section. I told them I really didn't want to have a c-section, so they gave me an oxygen mask so I could do deep breathing to raise his heartbeat. So, I'm doing that when suddenly they're like okay you need to start pushing now, I'm numb as fcuk so DH holds up one leg and I the other and after about maybe 20-30 min. of pushing...HASSAN!!!

He's 7lbs. 7oz and 20.5 inches long. And he has super long arms and legs like his mom and dad. Oh and his feet are HUGE for a baby and they are shaped exactly like Sharief's it's hilarious. I'm hoping he's at least 6'3!

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