Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Learning to live with less...

Less is more...more space, more clarity, more freedom! Why did it take me almost 30 years to realize this? I'll tell you why because we live in a land of excess and a mantra of more and a life of keeping up with the Joneses! Well, no more. I am committing myself (and my family) to living a life of less things and more experiences (shout out to Belle for the paraphrase). So this epiphany comes with a task that requires a lot of hard work and that is getting rid of the excess things I have in my home.
The first step in figuring out whether you have too much stuff (stuff is a bad word) is whether you have SPACE to hold all your stuff. If you cannot find a place to put most of your stuff, you probably have too much stuff. If you want to throw massive amounts of stuff out onto your lawn and curse while you're doing it, you probably have too much stuff. If you can not do laundry for a month (or more) and still have copius amounts of clothes to wear, you probably have too much stuff. If you have not touched, used, or seen some of this stuff in more than a month (and it's not seasonal), you probably have too much stuff! I HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF!

My stuff can be summed up in the following categories:

  • Baby/toddler stuff - you do NOT need all the stuff that the stores put on their registry lists, it is a SCAM! After living with the big boy for the last two years I've realized how much stuff we didn't need and/or that he only used/wanted for about a week.

  • Clothes - as I stated above I can not see an item of clothing for months and not miss it AT ALL! I am pledging to only buy things I love and buy QUALITY over QUANTITY! I've always read about doing that, but there's so much STUFF I wanted to buy. But no more!

  • Hubby's stuff - this category runs the gamut from clothes to momentos to old photographs and lots and lots of ephemera, that I lovingly call JUNK!

Well today I've started my first strike against the excess STUFF in my household! I've scheduled a bulk trash pick-up and some of the things they'll be hauling away (this time) are a standing hair dryer, old television, old tv stand, old cable boxes, and various other items of junk. Here's to living with less!

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