Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Sewing!

Okay, not this weekend, but last weekend! This weekend was filled with hayrides, pony rides, sheep shearing, duck and peacock feeding and indoor picnics! However last weekend I was a sewing machine (as promised). I have finally made the rocket ship comforter and pillow for the big boy room! He still won't sleep in there, but one step at a time.

I made the pillow using this awesome tutorial from Fabritopia, you can also buy a "kit" that has all the fabric cut to size, but I had my own fabric for the project. This took me about an hour because I had a lovely two year old who wanted to help at every turn, but I'm sure if you attempt this without a toddler assistant you can finish it much faster! Here is the lovely finished pillowcase:

After I put my "assistant" down for his nap, I decided to tackle the comforter. Now a comforter is basically a big throw pillow that is long and flat, so I didn't use a tutorial or pattern for it. I knew the measurements of the toddler bed and factored in an inch for seams/leeway, plus 3 inches on each side for "hang" on the bed. Most toddler beds are 27.5 x 52, so I made the dimensions of the comforter 36 x 55. I decided to incorporate all the fabrics that were used in his pillowcase, so one side was completely the white robot print and the other side was the stripes, with a 6" orange robot border. I used an old fleece blanket as the inner "filling" for the comforter. Here are the results on the big boy bed:

This is the happy customer!

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