Thursday, February 19, 2009

Feathering My Nest...

Inspired by this interior, created by Jason Martin:

I am in a nesting mood. The home really is where the heart is and I am tired of the clutter and melee that surrounds me when I enter my home, so bit by bit I am transforming my haven. If I were an organized woman I would start in one room and finish that, but instead I am randomly attacking areas that cause me the most grief. Last week I was home all week, nursing my son back to health, and during that time I was able to FINALLY organize my closet. Well, at least most of my side of the closet, my husband's side is a different story and I'd just rather pretend it doesn't exist. Now, I did not take before pictures because it was really too shameful for any eyes other than my own, but thankfully one can now walk on the actual floor of the closet. Using my previously posted closet inspiration I moved most of my shoes to my top shelf in the closet, who knew I had so many pairs of black shoes (all except 3)! My clothes are arranged in the following order: jackets, hanging storage, skirts, pants, dresses, shirts, suits!

Getting my closet in order has made me want to tackle the rest of my bedroom as it should be the most relaxing space in your home and CLUTTER AND MESS are NOT RELAXING. I am still trying to take it one step at a time so I don't get overwhelmed, tackling disorder corner by corner. One issue that I have is that I tend to take off my clothes and just lay them down either on a storage bin near my bookshelf or on the ironing board. I know that it is a habit that I will probably not break, so instead I want to make myself a makeshift clothes butler/valet using a chair (that I will lovingly paint and upholster of course). Then I will vow to clean off the butler every weekend to keep it from being overwhelmed by my clothing. Now, the ironing board is another source of frustration! Why is it always set-up? The temptation to throw things on it would disappear if it weren't out and available all the time, but my dear husband is too busy (read lazy) to fold and unfold it to iron (I rarely iron). The compromise might be getting a mini ironing board that attaches to the closet door, that way I can shut it out of site!

I'm also thinking about making the bed in the morning. You see my bed is NEVER made, maybe it's rebellion against the repeated refrains of "MAKE YOUR BED!" from my mother or maybe it's because it always seemed nonsensical to do so since I was getting right back into it, but I think doing so will impose a kind of calm in my bedroom.

So what's reorganizing without a little re-decorating? Here are some decor ideas:

These curtains (IKEA STOCKHOLM BLAD $59.99):

I need to get to work on my upholstered headboard, here is the fabric that I've bought for it; I'm hoping that the contrasting nature patterns will work well together. I am also hunting for a solid comforter to round out this "bedscape".

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